REA Fertility & IVF Unit is staffed by nursing staff with many years of professional experience. Our midwives have received specialized training in assisted reproduction, while respecting your privacy and ensuring that you are surrounded by security.

Alexiou Maria

1996 – Graduation from Department of Midwifery, Technological Education Institute of Athens
1990 – Graduation from 4th High school of Byron

Professional experience
2012 – on going: Head midwife of assisted reproduction department, IVF Unit, REA Hospital
2011 – 2016: Reproductive Medicine Unit in charge midwife, Leto Maternity Hospital
1997 – 2001: Midwife of assisted reproduction Department, MITERA Maternity Hospital

2018 – GDPR Awareness Seminar
2018 – Hellenic Society of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training in “Certification of Basic Life Support and Automatic Defibrillation”
2018 – Post Breastfeeding Seminar
2018 – ELYIA Greece Conference – IVF
2017 – Meducation group seminar – “Immediate Screening and Rapid Victim Treatment in Mass Disaster – START Triage”
2014 – Seminar “Environmental Management and Energy Saving”
2013 – Seminar on Emergency Management Plan
2013 – Multicultural Empathy Seminar
2011 – Seminar on “Emotional Intelligence and IVF”

Foreign Languages
English (Lower Cambridge ESOL)

ECDL Progress Certificate (Word, Excel, Int. Explorer, Windows XP)

Karnamzari Vasiliki


2019 – Graduation from Department of Midwifery, Technological Education Institute of Athens

2009 – Graduation from 3rd High school of Agios Dimitrios

Professional experience

2020 – on going: Midwife Assisted Reproduction, IVF Unit, REA Hospital

2018 – 2019: Training Midwife, Athens General Hospital “Alexandra”


2019 – Athens General Hospital “Alexandra” “Breastfeeding”

2019 – Athens General Hospital “Alexandra” ”Sexual Life of a Woman in Menopause”

2019 – 8th Seminar “Basic Life Support in Obstetrics”

Professional experience

English Lower B2 (Certificate of Competency in English, Michigan)


ECDL Certificate (Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point)

Simou Christina


2018 –  Postgraduate on ‘’high risk pregnancy’’ from the department of medicine at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

2009 – Bachelor’s degree in midwifery from the technological educational institute of Athens

2004 –  Graduated from high school in Vonitsa


2021 – to date: Midwife at the department of assisted reproduction (IVF UNIT), at REA maternity hospital

2009-2021: Midwife collaborating with an obstetrician gynecologist specialized in IVF providing obstetric services during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding /giving parenting seminars /observing gynecological surgeries/keeping medical records

2008-2009: Midwifery practical experience training at the general state hospital of Nikaia “Saint Panteleimon’’


2018 – 3rd Postgraduate seminar on breastfeeding

2017 – 2nd Postgraduate seminar on breastfeeding

2016 – Certificate of lifelong education (department of obstetrics of technological educational institute of Athens in collaboration with the institute of lifelong education) ‘’electronic monitoring of the embryo during pregnancy and childbirth’’


Good Knowledge of English –  Level B2


ECDL Core Certificate (Word,Excel,Internet,Access,Power Point,Windows)