REA Hospital, renowned for its high quality Maternity and Gynecological Services, has created a modern Fertility – In Vitro Fertilization Unit, aimed at investigating, properly diagnosing and effectively treating infertility in modern couples.
REA IVF provides full clinical and laboratory Infertility services, boasting a team of experienced medical doctors and embryologists as well as specialized midwives and nursing staff.
The Unit is equipped with modern operating rooms, state-of-the-art machinery and all necessary medical equipment; the laboratory implements all the latest innovative techniques.


Why choose the REA IVF Unit?

• REA IVF operates in the premises of the most modern Maternity and Gynecology Hospital in Greece, thus providing the safety of a modern private hospital.

• Discretion and privacy are key features, as REA IVF has two entrances/exits, thus giving the ability to visitors to come and go without having to go through other areas of the REA Hospital

• Treatment efficacy guarantees optimal treatment provided by exceptional health care professionals.

• The REA IVF Unit is certified by international organizations for the quality of services provided; internal audits are continuous, ensuring and keeping the requirements set by the Hospital’s founders!