We envision REA as the benchmark in modern obstetrics-gynaecology, at the core that attracts scientific developments and innovations.



To become a driving force for improving the provision of obstetric and gynaecological services in Greece, by providing the leading medical resources and the most modern medical technological equipment in the country and by strictly abiding with the Hippocratic Oath in every aspect of our operations.



1. High Quality of Services

We comprehend and cater for the needs, to the utmost, of hospitalised mothers and women, scientists-medical practitioners and every associate.

2. Commitment to the Principles of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Medicine

We recognise the values and mission of scientists-medical practitioners and strictly adhere to the Sacred Hippocratic Oath.

3. We value Humanity

Hospitalised mothers and women take priority in every aspect of our operations.

4. Respect

We treat all shareholders and associates with a high degree of professionalism and dignity and respect their needs.

5. Integrity & Transparency

Integrity, honesty and the strict adherence to medical ethics are not negotiable values in every sector of our operations.

6. Innovation and Progress

We strive for and encourage the adoption of new technologies in all our activities in order that our doctors may have the best infrastructure for providing medical services and to ensure that every hospitalised woman and mother experiences unique care and hospitality. 

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3rd Edition 01/07/2016

7. Social Responsibility

We feel responsible to society for improving health services and are committed to operating with sensitivity and respect for women, family and the environment by incorporating the appropriate environmental and social actions in our operations.


In order to achieve the above we have committed to the following by:

  • Recruiting a high calibre of personnel and providing it with continuous and specialised training in new scientific developments;
  • Constantly monitoring scientific and technological developments in the field of health;
  • Effectively implementing and constantly improving the effectiveness of the
  • Integrated Quality System;
  • Collaborating with experienced and high calibre doctors in order to create an organised network that ensures the reliability of the health care that is provided;
  • Continually recording and assessing the needs of patients, relatives, carers and associated bodies;
  • Implementing the requirements under the TEMOS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 15189 & ISO 22000 standards and the policies stemming there from, as well as all the legal and regulatory requirements associated with the Clinic’s operations; and
  • Continually measuring and improving the quality level of the services by defining specific indicators / quality objectives.


The President
Mr Kyriakos Mitsakos – Barbayiannis